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St. Edith Parish – All kids in Grades K-3rd


This Spring from April into May/June. Games would be approximately 1 hour long and be played on Sundays between noon and 5pm. There will be aprx 5 games followed by a tournament at the end of the season. Practice would be held once a week on either a weekday or prior to your game on Sunday.


Weekly games will be played at Catholic Central High School in Novi with possibly 1 or 2 crossover games at Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills.

More Details:

This league is run by the Catholic Churches in our area and is open to both girls and boys in grades K-3rd. Each church has their own teams. Each team will have about 7-12 players and be made up based on age/grade. This will run much like our freshmen soccer and basketball programs, just offsite. Each child will be given a team t-shirt and be provided a jersey and flags while playing. The cost for the program is $75 per child. Our goal is to let all kids stay active in a fun and safe environment while learning some basics about football from our skilled coaches.

To Register or Questions:

Registration will be open on the website starting Feb 1st until March 8th and is open to the following parishes: St. Edith, St. Colette, St. Genevieve, St. Aidan, St. Kenneth and St. Fabian. If you have any questions, please email Erin Munson: erinmunson2@gmail.com

Website: stedithcyo.com