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2018 St. Edith Soccer Information
Welcome to the St Edith Soccer Family.
All athletes in 4th through 8th grades (2018-2019 school years) whose parents/guardians are members of one of the following parishes are eligible to play soccer for St. Edith:
St. Edith
St. Kenneth
St. Colette
St. Aidan
Also we have a Freshmen Program for K-3 grades that starts the first week of school and takes place on Saturday AM.
Mission Statement We will strive to teach your kid the game of soccer, the notion of team work, and perseverance under the CYO umbrella.

The following is an overview of key information for the upcoming season.

Participation fees:  For those who are St. Edith Parish members or attend St. Edith School, the fee is $130.00.  For those who are members of another parish, the fee is $130.00.  All fees are payable to St. Edith CYO.

Teams: This year we will have:
Freshmen teams (K-3rd grade)
JV Boys and Girls (4th – 6th)
Playing Time: will be determined by the coaches, but usually we do look for equal play time.
Head Coaches:
JV Boys: TBD

JV Girls: TBD

Varsity Girls (7th-8th grade): Mike Mood

Varsity Boys (7th-8th grade): Rich Field

Practices: Practices are TBD. We typically practice for an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday & Friday with games on Weekends. Our home games are held at TBD Fields. Parents are welcome to attend practice but must stay off the practice fields.

Games:  Are typically held every Saturday and Sunday starting the weekend following Labor Day.  They will run 5 weeks straight for a total of 10 games.  Occasionally, a weekday game may be scheduled due to field availability for some of the teams.  We have requested that our home games be on Saturdays this year.  Game schedules will be provided once practices begin.

Pre-Season Tournament:  Each year all teams participate in a pre-season tournament. This year’s tournament is at Bicentennial Park and begins August 17 and ends August 19.  The game schedules will be available once complete in August.  Varsity Girls play Friday (Aug 17) TBS, Saturday (Aug 18) TBD, JV Boys play Friday (Aug 17) TBD and Saturday (Aug 18) TBD.  JV Girls play Friday (Aug 17) TBD and Saturday (Aug 18) TBD.  Both teams will play on Sunday (Aug 19) but times are determined once their records have been established.

Uniforms:  All players will be provided with socks, shorts and 2 jerseys (home and away).  These jerseys are to be returned in good condition at the end of the season.  The players may keep the socks. All players must have shin guards to protect their shins.  It is recommended that players wear soccer shoes.  The shoes need to have a molded cleat bottom for traction.  No screw in spikes are allowed!  It is also recommended that a water bottle be brought to each practice and game.

Appearance: Wearing jewelry is prohibited during practices or games. ** IMPORTANT **  If a girl has recently had her ears pierced she will need to remove them for the duration of the game. In a game, taping over earrings is no longer allowed as it was in the past. It has been a program philosophy we all look the same, especially in our game uniforms.  If one person has a headband, wrist bands, sleeve straps and so on then everyone has to wear them.  With this being the case we normally choose not to wear any of those items because not everyone wants to wear them.  We are a team and we want to look like a team.

Physicals: Mandatory and must be dated after April 15, 2018. Player cannot participate or receive equipment until physical is turned in.
Forms: Physical form, Concussion Release forms and CYO Assumption of Risk (Done online at time of registration) are due by first practice date.
Communications: Email is primary communication. Always include athlete's name and team. The website will be updated to identify the email and phone numbers for all coaches. Please remember to respect the 24 hour rule before contacting your coach regarding playing time issue etc. WE NEVER WANT TO FORGET THAT THIS PROGRAM IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN. If you do need to contact your sons coach please wait until after practice, unless there is something that he needs to be aware of prior to the end of practice.

The Chain of Command is as follows:
1. Player/Parent communicates with Coach.
2. If not resolved, they should then go to the Soccer Coordinator.
3. If still unresolved, they should contact the Athletic Director.
5. Athletic Director will communicate with Pastor if necessary.
St. Edith Soccer are played under the administration of the Catholic Youth Organization. All coaches, parents and children must abide by the CYO rules. They can be found at www.cyodetroit.org

Additional Information
If you have any questions, please contact the soccer coordinator