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Please read this entire message before registering!


St. Edith CYO Families,


I am very happy to announce that we are able to open registration for the 2020-2021 basketball season. Registration will remain open until November 1st.  After November 1st, players will be placed on a waitlist pending further review of team sizes. 


In most years, we have already closed registration at this point.  Let me be captain obvious and state this isn’t like most years, and the upcoming season will most definitely be different. We have presented a robust plan with all of our COVID-19 protocols to our parish and school leaders this past week. They are supportive of what we proposed and have approved moving forward with our season. Here is a high-level view of what to expect in regards to our basketball COVID-19 protocols:


·  No Thanksgiving Tournament

·  Health Screening before all gym time

·  Anyone in the gym must wear a mask. Players will wear masks according to MHSAA and CYO guidelines.

·  2 guests max per player on game days at St. Edith 

o Drop and go for practices at St. Edith. We know pick up will require some parent help to get the younger ones out safely, more to come on this.

·  Front entrance & school lobby will be off-limits all season

·  Each coach will be provided a thermometer and hand sanitizer

·  Volunteer Shifts will be different - TBD on specifics, but here’s what you can expect at this point

o No concessions

o No money exchanges - Admissions process TBD

o Likely need volunteers to help with gym sanitization efforts between games

o If we are able to live stream games, may need volunteers to run the streaming device/feed

o More to come as the plan evolves


One additional new item for this year, uniforms. We are in the process of ordering new uniforms for the entire program.  We still plan to collect last year’s uniforms and will provide an update on that process/dates in the next couple of weeks. 


We will continue to organize manageable team sizes at the JV level as best we can.   In order to do this, we need all registrations completed prior to the deadline, the sooner the better!  Before considering cutting players, we will look to add more teams, and therefore may need more coaches. While registering, please be sure to indicate your desire to coach at the JV level if you are able.  While any new coaches would not be selected until closer to the Placement Week outlined below, all coaches must provide a certificate of completion for Protecting God’s Children Workshop., or be scheduled to attend an upcoming session. There are just a few upcoming sessions in the area at this time.  Please click here to register.  Any coaches selected will also have a background check completed by the Archdiocese of Detroit. 


What is expected for registration?

Registration Fee: $175

**Verify all contact information is accurate and current**

The following documents must be uploaded prior to the close of registration:

·  Physical Form Uploaded

·  Concussion Form Uploaded (if 1st year playing)

o Concussion Fact Sheet to be reviewed prior to uploading concussion form

Please keep your paper copies just in case something happens with your upload. 

New this year: 

·  Acknowledgement of new COVID-19 Protocols

·  Acknowledgement of uniform and volunteering requirement (was a paper form last year)


What is expected during the season?

As we strive to improve how our program is run, we acknowledge and thank you for the feedback provided from our prior season and look to implement improvements where possible. While working together, we can continue to keep this program running strong and growing year after year! This year, we want to ensure all of our players and coaches stay healthy and work in a positive manner to teach and learn the game.  Like all of us, these kids have had a rough year and I hope our basketball season can provide them a great environment to compete safely and enjoy growing their game.


Parent & Player Responsibilities

Any volunteer shifts needed this year will get loaded into our Sign-Up Genius..  The process of self-signing and assigning open shifts will continue.  We will apply a $50 charge for any unexcused missed shift.  Where possible, older siblings and their friends in need of service hours are strongly encouraged to help fill these spots. Again, this all depends on our final volunteer plan that is not yet final. Please see the new acknowledgement in the registration portal mentioned above. 


Unfortunately, we will not be doing our halftime Pop-a-Shot contests, so no need to plan on purchasing 2 liters of pop this year as we have in the past. 




·  Conditioning Week - 11/9 - 11/13

o We will have our players in the gym working on cardio, plyometrics, and other bodyweight-type exercises to get them ready for the upcoming season.  There will be no basketball drills during this time.

·  Placement Week - 11/16 - 11/21

·  First Week of Practice - 11/23 - 11/28

·  First Week of Games - 11/30 - 12/5


More details to come on all of these basketball dates & activities following the close of registration.


Please visit www.stedithcyo.com to register your player today. Click on the sports registration on the left side of the screen and follow the various steps.


You may also click here to go directly to the registration page. 


Thank you for reading all of our updates. Feel free to email me at with any questions.  We look forward to another great, and hopefully safe and healthy,  CYO basketball season!


Dominick Albano

St. Edith CYO Basketball Coordinator